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I've been pretty strapped for cash recently, so I am going around to all these different sondre communities with a pretty little offer. I have a signed copy of "two way monologue" and am willing to part with it if the price is right. I probably won't go for less than 20 dollars because thats about how much I had to pay to buy the CD. So, if any of you would like to put a little bid in for it, that would be cool. It would come out to how much I can actually get for it plus like 3 bucks S&H. I accept well concealed cash and checks (checks have to clear before i ship the CD) in the mail or in person if you live in the Seattle area and don't want to wait that long.

I'd usually just say whoever has $20 and want the CD can have it, but I'm really really broke right now.

any questions, my email is

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if you are interested and comment, i will post what the current bid is as a response and you can decide if you want to out bid the other person. thanks again.
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